Mega Giveaway Event

FREE Petlucid Fountains

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Mega Giveaway

Join our Facebook group to win a FREE Petlucid Fountain for your furry friend!

Giveaway Rules

How to Enter
1.Join the HomeRunPet Community.
2.Post a picture or video of your furry friend drinking water on the HomeRunPet Community.
Please use this template:
My [your pet's name] is drinking from [bowl/fountain/faucet or anywhere your furry friend is drinking from].
Who Can Participate?
1. All our backers and any pet parent in the world!
2. If you were a backer of ours and won the giveaway, we will refund the whole amount and deliver Petlucid to you all for free!
Draw and Winner Selection
1. We will provide every participant with a unique lucky number to participate in the draw.
2. Three Winners will be selected by random draw from all qualified participants.
3. We may increase the number when the participants are more than anticipation.
4. To keep the process just and fair, we will use third-party software or service to execute the draw.
5. The odds of winning will depend on the number of qualified participants and posts.
Giveaway Period
​The Giveaway event begins on December 24 of 2020 and ends simultaneously at the time when our Kickstarter campaign ended.
Winners Announcement
​1. We will announce the winner on our Facebook group and page within seven days after our Kickstarter campaign ended.
2. We will also contact you via the social media which you used to post your pet’s photo/video.
Some DOs and DON'Ts
1. The same photo/video cannot participate in the giveaway more than once.
2. You can use a new photo/video of your pet and participate once every day.
1. This giveaway is sponsored by
2. Shipping fees will be covered by
3. By participating in the giveaway, you grant Sponsor permission to use your post content and any other personally identifiable information for administration and prize fulfillment.
4. The sponsor reserves the right to cancel, suspend, withdraw, or amend this event.