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Our Story

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We are a group of R&D engineers who have specialized in the research and development of precision medical instruments in the past decades and also see pets as our closest families.

Before we devoted ourselves to the pet supplies chain, we realized that many pet products lacked the features and functions that families with pets need. Dirty and loud pet fountains, pet dryers that take hours to dry and still don't free our hands...

Our product

We wanted to create innovative and sophisticated appliances that would actually improve the quality of life for pets and pet parents. That's why we set out on a mission to deliver trailblazing products and services that exceed client expectations constantly in pet supplies.

The pet fountain has a patented wireless pump and a detachable design that is super quiet and easy to clean, and the pet dryer, which owners have complete control on pets' comfort during the drying process, and so on...

We aim to provide you with a more convenient lifestyle while also assisting your pets in becoming their best selves and sharing the most enjoyable moments with Homerunpet.


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